Well it’s here again!

Whether you’re a freshman just walking into those big new doors filled with new adventure’s or maybe you’re a senior entering this new school year with an expectation for the future, but one thing we all will experience is this (not so little)  thing called procrastination. We all know the inevitable cycle of “studying” with you’re friends or working on homework by your latest iPhone… it’s pretty tough.  Here are some procrastination situations we all have while doing homework and studying.


  1. Scrolling through instagram


This is a common moment when you’re trying to figure out your math homework and you glance at your phone and in no time you’re eyes are trapped on the endless instagram photos you’re friends are posting… I’ve been there.


  1. New show Netflix notification

Whether it’s a show you have been watching or a new show, everyone know that amazing feeling when a show has a new season which makes us put down the books for an Episode… or two.


  1. Snack Breakin’

How else are you suppose to get through that chemistry work without a little snack? One question in and you have worked up an appetite!


  1. Study power nap

They call it procrastination, I call it a brain break. You sit at your desk with your history book and as you start reading about the revolutionary war 15 minutes in your eyes slowly close and fade away.


  1. YouTube video spree

For all it’s worth I would have to say that it is pretty hard to resist the urge to watch those funny cat  videos even if you’re in the middle of studying for that mid-term.


  1. Texting BFF

So your friend is texting you about her “new found love” and you start texting back and then you look down and see all the homework you still haven’t completed.


As funny and relatable as these things are i’m here to tell you that procrastination is okay as long as we get back on track and finish our tasks. So good look this year Guys & Gals make sure to be the best you….even if you’re watching netflix while reading this article.


-Tottionna Bushell


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