Cool is not so Cool.


Its Freshman Year.

You walk into school and see all your “use” to be friends now so… different. They’ve dyed their hair, upgraded their clothes, they devalue their Grades, changed their personalities,  and now they are “Cool”.  Cool is not having the most money, friends, or designer clothes. Cool is about respecting yourself and others!


Here are the 4 steps to being the C-O-O-L- est you!


C is for confidence – To be cool you first have to love the skin you’re in. It doesn’t matter that someone said you’d be more “beautiful” with Perfectly straight teeth, But what is “Beautiful”? Wait… that’s for a different article… but you can rock anything! Confident people don’t put other people down they help each other up and walk together with their heads held high ( Showing off their wonderful highlight while they’re at it of course) You don’t have to look for approval because you’ve got this!


O is for Original- Everyone was made different. so you don’t have to shop at the same store as everyone else to be considered cool. Original means “first”- You know that feeling you get when you are the first in line at a big store opening and you feel so cool – it’s the same thing, but you can feel this way all the time because you are the first and only you. We all have different personalities that are completely unique so why would we want to suppress our creativity to fit in? It makes you cool to be You.  


O is for OutgoingTrying something you’ve never done before is so RAD. You could join computer programming club, Run for class president, Sing a song even if you can’t sing because you are and can be more than you think! Don’t let what other people might say hold you back from being your weird but amazing self. Don’t be scared to show the world that you are smart, fun, creative and outgoing because you are.


L is for Loyal- Be Loyal to yourself! To be cool you can’t forget how amazing you are. You have to support yourself and not give into the belief that changing yourself is the answer to be accepted. Love that you can be free and not conform to societies  “cool”.


So there you have it folks! You’re ready to starts your school year being the COOLest you around. Have fun!


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Tottinona bushell


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