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Alyssa Wilcox Photography

Learning to live in the moment is something I’ve recently came to terms with ACTUALLY understanding. I believe that when we are pursuing school no matter the area, whether it be middle, high school or even college we can get caught in this stagnant mindset. I know for sure I went through these feeling and more while in high school mostly.


After finally graduating this year I found myself just reflecting over the years. I told myself here and now I finally feel free and I feel comfortable with myself. Which is a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. At this time in my life I can sit back and say I regret nothing! Which is extremely nice. So I say live in the moment because when it’s your time you will do the same as I did and just reflect and relax. That feeling is incredible and more satisfying then it seems.


Living in the moment or at least learning to live in the moment is a process! It will not happen overnight, I wish! But that’s just not reality. Learning to live is a lifelong process and I think it’s so much more than just waking up and taking a breath and saying wow I’m still alive, but it’s the feeling and mindset that wow I’m alive today with a whole world in front of me. It’s the reality that you have the chance to take what’s available in life and make it yours.


Alyssa Wilcox Photography

Recently It started to rain and thunder and my first instinct was, you know what let’s do something different today. So I grabbed my camera and my sister and we ran outside and took pictures in the rain! It was spontaneous and random but we did it and we had fun with it. I’ve heard in the past that looking at your phones is a problem, I could understand but I don’t think there’s a problem with snapping a picture to save that memory for years to come.


So my advice is to just breath! And say WOW I’m alive with lots of possibilities that I can grasp! School is not my entire life unless I want it to be. SO JUST LIVE! Your homework from me is to think about what is “Living” to you? And then just try each day to push to that meaning of living to you.


As always if you need anyone to talk to just send us an email! Comment done below what you think.


P.S A Girl Who Knows


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