Before there was a week one for “freshman-senior year”, there was development week. Which I have so cleverly coined “week 0”. Week zero took me completely by surprise, something that normally doesn’t happen as far as magazine issues are concerned. Usually, week zero begins with Alex and I picking a date where we get together to brainstorm potential issue names. After selecting one that suits our taste we go from there. “Freshmen-Senior Year” was an idea that hit me while I was in Michigan preparing to depart and head back to Arizona. It was during that time, when the last days of summer was steadily dwindling down, that it dawned on me that I was about to be a college student and to be honest I was more than a little apprehensive about it.

To soothe my fears, I called my uncle who had already completed college. Talking to him lifted a weight off my shoulders and gave me clarity about what I was getting myself into. After conversing with my uncle about my own fears, I thought that sharing my experience as a former high-school student and current college freshmen could be just what the doctor order for our readers. Knowing that Alex has a lot of wisdom about college and high-school since she partook in early college, further solidify this thought. As soon as the idea came to me, I called Alex to run it by her. Having had been in the same boat in years past, she was all for it and we mutually agreed that this was the route we wanted to take for the month of September. 


Unlike our previous issues, we started out “Freshmen-senior year” knowing exactly what it was that we wanted to achieve. This was extremely helpful in directing us during week one. In fact, we had a whole surplus of ideas and possible articles jotted down before week one even approached us. The only thing we hadn’t had down was the issue name. We were so engrossed with planning that we decided to temporarily dub the issue “Freshmen-Senior Year”. Initially, we had absolutely no plans to use that as the issue title, but as you can see we have. Be sure to be on the lookout for the upcoming “behind the issues” to hear why we did. 





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