TC: For many of our creators here at Teen Culture, they described their Freshman year as “different”. How would you describe your Freshman year in one word and why?

My freshman year I would say was confusing at first because you’re in a new school with a bunch of new kids. I couldn’t find my classes , you split up from a lot of your old friends you had in middle school, and you trying to also find yourself.

TC: How did you balance your career and the new change of entering Freshman year?

I’m not going to sugarcoat it , that’s not a talent a lot of people can do. I literally would risk getting tardys at school because I would be at the studio all night then still have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get dressed. I remember always falling asleep in first period. I balanced it pretty well to maintain grades like all a’s and one b while doing my career.

TC: I know that when I was in 9th grade I learned so much about myself as a person which helped me grow throughout the years. Is there anything you learned in Freshman year that helped you grow?

I learned more about the people around me. Some of the people I always thought I was gonna know forever, grew apart. It’s unfortunate but that’s if you make it that there’s always a chance to find new friends. So losing a lot of my friends from middle school and seeing people switch up on me , made me grow in a way.


TC: Are you a senior? If so, what are you most excited to do? If not, what are you excited to do when you enter senior year?

Yes I’m a senior! I’m most excited to graduate to be honest.

TC: Here at Teen Culture, we believe that cool is about being ourselves and respecting others for who they are! How would you define a “cool” person? How is it different from the type of “cool” we are all familiar with?

I think y’all hit the spot of what cool is. But to me cool is all about how you carry and value yourself and about how you treat others. In high school it’s so categorized, they have a bunch of kids that people consider cool, and kids that people consider the opposite. I never let that affect me In school because I always considered myself and valued myself as the weird term “cool”. It’s crazy cause people always wish they were cool and popular , little do people know it’s already in them. But those same people who were that in high school that were put on the pedal stool of popularity, guess what when they graduate all that doesn’t matter in the real world. No one cares how cool you were in high school when you graduate, it’s about your mind and your value then. Who’s to say you aren’t cool? You are whatever you want to make yourself.

TC: What is the “most real” advice you would give someone going into Freshman Year?

The most real advice I would give someone is don’t fall for the hype of being in high school, you will realize it’s just a another school when you get there. You can still be excited to go, but don’t get caught up in the high school drama. Stay out of it. Trust me it isn’t fun. and open your mind to grow and get better, because you will have a lot of trial and errors. Always be ready to grow, and mentally prepare yourself that you will lose some of the friends you had from middle school. Also join clubs! They are fun, and if you worried about making friends it’s a cool way to be with a bunch of people who like to do what you do. I was in dance and theater arts. Plus, don’t be scared of the upperclassmen , because when I was in high school and I used to get teased by them sometimes I didn’t care cause I was like we all in the same school together. You being older doesn’t make a difference to me. We still walk the same halls. Plus I was friends with a lot of them. Carry yourself like you’re a boss, and be strong. Don’t rush your age cause trust me it’s true when they say your four years of high school will go by fast. Enjoy the journey! Good luck on your first year!


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