So answer this to yourself, no one has to know but Why do you go to school? Why is it so important?


Well while you’re thinking about it I’m pretty open to letting people know, so here goes nothing.

  1. I go to school because I have to! This sounds crazy I know, but just hear me out. I go to school 

    because the law says I have to. Since I’ve graduated I don’t have to but I will because I believe that their are things that professionals can answer that I can’t just google. I know “RARE” right?

  2. School is important to me because well that’s something I’m still trying to know why. Is it because I’ve been told all my life that school is important or is it simply because I believe it to be. School to me is just a validation to tell some that you are qualified.


It’s weird that we have to have a degree to tell someone that you are qualified. I once argued with my dad saying “Why Can’t my work speak louder than a degree?”. I was really frustrated that after all my hard work of building a stellar portfolio, it meant nothing without the education to back me.


This brings me to my next light bulb idea


What if I go to school but then I don’t get good grades? I don’t know about you but this always crosses my mind when it comes to classes like math. YEEK! Right? Grades are important if you are in high school but let’s just be honest who looks at your middle school grades. I’m not saying skip out on middle school, but you don’t have to stress out about it. Always strive to do good! High school you should understand that colleges look at your grades, especially from 9th grade and 12th grade.


I have seen countless of times when college students do not pay attention or they skip out on class. Here’s a tip: DO NOT FOLLOW THOSE STUDENTS! I think it’s stupid and a waste of time and money. Why pay for a class just to skip out of it? Go to class when you’re in college, pay attention and ask your professors loads of questions. WHY? Well you paying for them to teach you, and your paying them a lot of money to ask tons of questions. Side note: My dad once told me you’re an idiot not to ask questions, so if you’re not an idiot then ask lots of questions. 


Grades are important if you’re taking your time to actually go to college. You’re paying lots of money to learn more in your desired profession so take it serious for your own good, not for anyone else, unless your parents are paying for your college. (You better be serious if so). I would like to also make sure you understand that balance is key when it comes to attending any kind of schooling. Make sure to take time to yourself and relax and have some fun with the ones you love. This helps you to release any stress you may have with school. Just live yo life boo!

Love ya lots,



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