Hey you! Yes YOU! Listen close because today I’m going to lay it all out. That is the guide to making friends wherever you go! It’s pretty much the ultimate guide to making friends. On a serious note sometimes going somewhere new can be crazy frightening or if your super “Connectable” lol a extrovert then you should have no problem with this. If you’re like me an introvert then here is a guide to help you make buddies. I’m not promising they will be your best bud for life, but this could help with identifying possible candidates LOL! Why do I feel like this is the bachelor! Anyhow, Let’s get started!



Get your mind set! I think it’s important to first have your mind set on embracing a new experience. I know sometimes when you’re worried about entering into a new environment you can cut yourself off from making possible relationships with others. So I think it’s good to just prep yourself ahead of time. Using encouraging words like “I’m gonna keep my mind open for something new” or “I’m going to walk in here and it give it my all”. This always helps me!



BODY LANGUAGE! Weird right? Let me tell you it’s so true! I recently started my first job, that I just quite a few days ago. HA! That’s a whole post on it’s own. Anyway when I was there my experience with my coworkers were amazing! For the first time I made myself more aware and open. When I talked I expressed myself more with my body language to let them know that I was friendly. I know this all sounds weird but it works.



JOIN CLUBS! If you’re in a school setting I think that the best way to meeting new people is to join school clubs. You have all the people that are possibly interested with the same things that you are. Which is a great start! Joining a club also helps you become more familiar with the new environment.



SPEAK UP! Make conversation! Be the first to make the move lol. Walk up to people and join into conversation. Talk about interests that you might have and see If they have the same. If they don’t then rudely walk away! Just kidding don’t do that! Embrace the difference and talk more about it.



ORIENTATION! Make sure to go to orientation day at your school if you are new. This helps you to identify who is a new student just like you. Just don’t look like a stalker watching people but just observe! Lol Get involved with school events this will get people aware of who you are.


I hope this helps anyone. Be sure to change these to fit where you might need them in your current life. As always see you all next time.


Best Regards,



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