Teen Culture Magazine is back and honestly so much better than before! We put some much time and sweat into this issue in order to produce quality content. We extremely excited to be sharing this journey with our readers. For all of you original teen culture gang members! You all will notice that we still wanted to keep our BFF vibes. We made sure to bring back some of your favorite series like the Ugly truth Series. For those of you who are new, the ugly truth series is where we ask other teenagers questions. Such as topics that are both simple and difficult to talk about. In a few months we would love to kick start our next series The Outsiders where we follow some of our favorite photographers on their creative process during a photo shoot.

This month was all about getting back into the groove of school!  Yes! I know I said the S word but you know what it’s coming soon. For all you freshman and seniors in both high school and college we got ya covered.  Our goal for this issue was to both inspire you and get you prepared for a new setting. So N’sara and I wanted to make sure we had a strong hand in this issue with making sure it was really informational for our readers and Friends!


We wanted to make sure we were not only pushing school in your face but also the idea that just because school starts,doesn’t mean life ends.  School has many great opportunities that allows for us to reach out to others and build strong and amazing relationships. This issue gets personal when I relive some thoughts that I’ve been burying deep down dealing with both school and life. I hope you all can feel the emotion behind each article because our team is so amazingly talented and passionate about inspiring our readers.

During week one we really got our stuff together. With this idea down about freshman/senior year we honestly were not prepared for the work at hand. We can confidently say that this issue’s content is definitely worth reading and watching. Yes! I said watching because our team believed it was time to open our YouTube channel and bring our magazine more to life. So we are starting up Teen Culture United! So excited to share everything with all about these projects. TCU was something that we have had in mind for an extremely long time, we just never had the budget or the time to pursue it. It’s nice to say that finally have that opportunity to give you all some amazing content. So we want you all to know that you should keep your eyes open for Teen Cultures October.

N’sara and I spent countless hours talking over the phone and google chatting about Freshman Senior Year. We like to spill  our ideas and then start to put pieces together. One thing I would have to say is that over this creative process we learned about digging deeper! We were inspired from the things we knew we could accomplish! The results are just amazing. I say give yourself a time period to get things done! We had no space for procrastination. We were inspired to give you all great content better then we have ever been able to do before.


Either me “Alex” or N’sara will see you next week with another Behind the Issue- Freshman/Senior year. As always we love you all so much! We hope you enjoy the issue.



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